Surviving loneliness during solo travel

I am traveling solo for more than a year already. Starting journey from airport by myself to be in a different country finding right bus or metro to hostel, it’s becoming smooth with every trip. The same with making friends and hanging out with them during travel, it’s also something that I think I am getting good at.

However there are times when I find myself alone or worse, lonely. I remember my afternoons in Tromso Norway, a night in Sofia, an evening in Bratislava when I felt terribly lonely. Probably, it’s gonna happen to you as well during long trips.

For me the biggest reason for traveling solo was to break out of my comfort zone but one thing I learned that it’s ok to have a comfort zone or happy place as I like to call it as long as you’re not spending your whole life in that comfort zone.

So what do I do when I feel lonely during solo travel? I go to my comfort zone. For me, its nature. I turn to nature to find comfort. It doesn’t have to be a magnificent waterfall, or a mighty mountain. It could be something as simple as a sunset, sunrise and shining stars on night sky. I put on some ambient music and see the nature dance around me and makes me feel connected to this World and myself. Or food, I treat myself with a nice meal.

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