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So instead of cycling through my usual route on a sunny Sunday, I decided to try a new route. Turned out to be an awesome experience. I met two other guys who were flying their drones there . Here is a video I made there. cyclingNaturenetherlandsTravelvideo

Spring in Netherlands

It was one of the first sunny days in Netherlands, sunny and kinda warm. I took my bike and drone and cycled to Durgerdam. I went to broken windmill and a guy told me that it’s a nature reserve and I can’t fly drone there. I cycled a bit further and made the video there.…

Snow in Durgerdam

After a bit of snow yesterday, there was sunny evening. Not having seen sun in a long time, I decided to cycle to near by fields of Durgerdam to fly my drone. For the first time, landscape of Netherlands looks different than usual. It was like I am somewhere in Sweden or Finland. Here is…