Cherni Vrah with sunshine

I’ve been to Cherni Vrah last year, the highest peak of Vitosha mountain. I wanted to do again and I had plan this hike a month earlier with Kriss. It was a hike full of sunshine, laughs, adventures and fun. One of the hike I’ll always remember. I advocate solo traveling and solo hiking but I learned that hiking is more awesome if you do it with someone special. Here is photo journal of one day trip

On the trail

So we took the usual Simeonovo cable lift and got off at the last stop of lift. We we grabbed an awesome brunch at Aleko hut which included cold yogurt soup, fresh meat balls and french fries. After eating this hug meal, we started hike. Every 30 minutes, I would told Kriss that we’re almost there. Kriss turned out to be a sport and an awesome hike buddy who would follow the pace.

Both of us were in running shoes, yes, I haven’t learned the lesson from January. After an hour, our shoes were full of muddy water, but none of us thought about quitting. We’re crazy and awesome. We made small milestones and we would stop from time to time to grab something to eat or drink. We also had to go through a bit of ice. Here are some of the pictures from trail,


At Summit

After hiking for like 2 hours, we reached the summit. We went a bit far from crowd and sat near rocks on a big stone and ate chocolate croissant. It was a bit cold up there but still sunny. I’ve been to summits by myself many times, I’ve hiked the same mountains 3-4 mountains but this time it felt different, it felt better than any other summits that I did by myself. I felt special.


After spending half an hour at summit, we started going back down as we had to catch the lift. On the way back, it started to pour and when we were 10 minutes away from lift, it started to rain heavily. We managed to reach the lift on time and we got into lift and in an hour or so, we were back in Sofia. It was an awesome day with lots of happiness.