I’ve been to Sofia several times for personal reason. I went to Sofia in September 2015 first time and I loved the city and the near by nature. That time I decided to explore the city and returned again after two months. Since then, I’ve been to Sofia more or less every month. During those visits, I’ve explored some parts of country. Here are some of them

Buzludzha, Shipka and Veliko Tarnovo

So this journey was also part of “Exploring the hell out of Bulgaria”. But this time, we had only one day and one night to explore. So this time, we had plan to spend the night at Buzludzha and day at town of Shipka. We decided to leave on Friday evening and return Saturday late evening.The whole journey lasted around 30 hours out of which we only slept 4-5 hours but we managed to explore two must see places in Bulgaria.

Prohodna and Rocks of Belogradchik

I met Dimo last year in a mountain hut in Rila. We became instant friends since then and we traveled together in Bulgaria last year. I met him this January and shared my plan of traveling the hell out of Bulgaria this year and asked him that he should join me. Being a total sport he is, he said sure let’s do it. So in February, we decided to visit Prohodna and Belogradchik as kick off. Here is a photo travelogue of our journey over the weekend!

A drive to Southwest of Bulgaria

Me and Dimo not being able to climb Musala due to snow, decided to drive to Rupite (Bulgarian: Рупите, pronounced [ˈrupite]) is a village which includes a small mountainous protected area in the southeastern part Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria, 10-12 kilometres northeast of Petrich, inside Petrich Municipality, on the right bank of the Struma River. It is best known as the place where the Bulgarian medium Baba Vanga lived and was buried. The area is in fact the crater of an extinct volcano, its appearance being shaped by the volcanic hill of Kozhuh, the thermal springs and Pchelina Hill.


A weekend in Igloos of Rila

I was in Bulgaria again and happened to have to have a free weekend. Rado, my Bulgarian mountaineer friend was in a hut in Rila mountains as there was national Igloo building competition going on there. He asked me to join her friend Stella (now my friend too) from Sofia and hike with them to hut. I spent two days there and here is my experience in a photo journal.

Vitosha in Winter

Winter survival at Vitosha

In Pakistan we have a saying that you spend the whole year the way you meet it. So I wanted to start new year by hiking, traveling and some adventure in January. I choose to fly to Sofia in my running shoes. What I didn’t know that how this small adventure of mine will evolve into something awesome in coming months.

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