I’ve traveled quite a lot during the last two years which gave me a bit of knowledge about some topics around traveling.

I learned a few tricks about how to travel light, cheap and safe. I also learned how to react and survive in certain situations. Some of the tips can be found in this section.

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Surviving loneliness during solo travel

I am traveling solo for more than a year already. Starting journey from airport by myself to be in a different country finding right bus or metro to hostel, it’s becoming smooth with every trip. The same with making friends and hanging out with them during travel, it’s also something that I think I am…

How I travel every month

Just like most of the people I have a 9-6, 5 days a week job but only this year I took 32 flights. Many people asked me if I quit my job but upon hearing no answer, they ask me, “Then how come you travel so much”? Here is the answer: I am a programmer…