About Me

Hello, I am Abdullah Ibrahim aka designcode aka Abby. I am a programmer and long distance runner! I am in love with traveling, nature, mountains, taking photos and making videos.

Abbyontravel.com is a blog where I maintain my travelogues, post traveling and hiking guides and my thoughts about different topics.

My Travel Map

Following is the maps of my travels, it’s not complete.

 Featured On

Some of my work like photos/videos have been featured/published on a few Instagram channels and blogs, some of which are,

Roadtrippers is a channel on Instagram that shares amazing pictures of road trips and travels from around the World. They have over 31K followers, they featured my Aurora Borealis picture.

Nights of wonder is another channel on Instagram that shares amazing pictures of night sky from around the World. They also featured my Aurora Borealis picture.

I also wrote an article on Bored Panda about my travels in last year.

My Photography Gear

I am a highly amateur photographer. I don’t have much photography skills, I try to be at the right place on right time. Sometimes, being at right place on right time takes 8 hours of hiking at night in middle of nowhere. Or being out whole night at freezing temperature. Following is my gear for photography.

  1. DJI Mavic Zoom
  2. DJI Mavic Pro
  3. Canon 500 D
  4. Go Pro Hero 7 / Go Pro Hero 4 Silver
  5. iPhone 7
  6. Camera Slider imported from China
  7. Radian

How I travel every month

Just like most of the people I have a 9-6, 5 days a week job but I take an average of 25 flights a year. Many people asked me if I quit my job but upon hearing no answer, they ask me, “Then how come you travel so much”? Here is the answer:

I am a programmer by profession and most of the companies I’ve worked with allowed me work remotely for 3-4 days a month. So what I usually do is, search for flight from Netherlands to different places on departing on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday night, and arriving back at late night Monday/Tuesday.

I always have a small backpack ready and when I find the flights, I take my passport and laptop to airport and fly there. On weekdays, I worked from apartment I usually rent on Airbnb and on weekends, I go for hiking and exploring.

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