A Ride to Muiden

After coming back from Euro trip, I decided to take small trips to nearby cities and towns on weekends. So I got myself a really nice bike a 2 weeks ago. Here is the picture of my beauty ^_^


May 14th was the Ascension Day in Netherlands (which happens to be some religious holiday). My roommate suggested me this place called Muiden. Muiden is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. It’s pretty close to Amsterdam, 8 Kms from iJburg and 14 Kms from Amsterdam Central Station.

I asked my friend if he wanna join to which he said yes. We met at iJburg East bridge at 13:00 or something like that. I used to run there last summer so I know the neighbourhood very well. We took the following route


Moving forward, I came across this place where I once went for running and got lost, that place is called Diemer Vijfhoek and there you can see a lot of sheep roaming around. Here are a few pictures I took there


Going forward, we cycled along the road after cycling for 5km, we reached a place where there was a canal on our left and houses on right. And trees on both side of road 🙂 After that, we started again to cycle and after sometime, we were in Muiden. It’s was amazing that how all of a sudden scenery changed. We were in a small town/village.


After cycling in town for a few hundred meters, I was on a bridge with a lot of cafes around and I could see the castle from bridge. Instead of going towards the direction of castle, I decided to cycle further towards the green part. Here are some pictures,


We cycled all the way towards Muiderberg, on the way, I found something cool. A car in middle of green area and a beach with no one there. I hate beaches because they are crowded but this beach was different, I went there and spent sometime while my friend smoked weed on the other side. Here are the pictures of lonely car and beach


We cycled even further almost towards the end of Muiderberg. At that time, we decided that we should cycle back as we wanted to see the castle as well. So we cycled back again towards castle and after some kilometres we were near castle. We decided not to pay 17 Euros fee and see the castle from outside. Here is one picture

Muiderberg Castle

After spending sometime outside and then decided to cycle back to home. On the way back, I took some pictures of my lovely bike and other nice places. Here they are


Then I went to my friend’s place and he prepared awesome Biryani, and after eating that, I decided to go back to my flat. One the way back, I saw the following sunset from the bridge that connects iJburg and Diemen.


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