Diemerbos, Abcoude & Vinkeveen

A friend came back from Italy two days ago and called me that he is back in Netherlands. So I went to his place on Saturday evening. He lives in Zuidoost (south-east) of Amsterdam.

I cycled to his apartment and we ate really awesome and spicy pilaf (pilav, pulao). After that, we decided to cycle a little bit. There is a forest in Zuidoost called Diemerbos (bos means forest in Dutch) but highly doubt that people living outside Amsterdam Zuidoost would know about it, at least expats like me.

I’ve been there previously but since it’s relatively close to my friends place, we decided to cycle there. Apparently there was some concert/festival was going on their that we were not aware of. We cycled around here and there and I took some pictures,


6yjeb4jlNext morning, it was raining like crazy until 1 o’clock. My friend woke up 1:30 PM in noon, that’s right folks, 1:30 PM. We ate a huge breakfast and head outside at around 3 PM. We had plan not to go very far, so we chose Vinkeveen through Abcoude. Abcoude and Vinkeveen are small towns in the province of Utrecht. That’s the route we decided to took,

As you can see in map, it’s greenery everywhere. We had to go through Gaasperpark, and when were in park, we decided to cycle on a narrow hiking and it turned out to be fun, although our pants became wet 🙂


After 10 mins or so, we decided to exit went further and came at the end of lake. We took the same route I used to use when running in Gaasperplas and ended up in this awesome place. One your left, there are horses and on your right, there are these awesome birds 🙂


We continued the journey and after 4-5 km, we ended up in this awesome green place,


Cycling another kilometre and another green place, but this time even better than last one. It was green as long as your eyes can see. We stopped there and I took a few panoramas.


After cycling through green, we ended up in Abcoude. It was really small and cute town, just like you see in movies 🙂


We cycled through a very green place and I stopped at several places to take pictures and make panoramas.


After cycling for another 25 minutes or so, we reached Vinkeveen. I was also a very small town with nice churches and buildings. Following are pictures I took,


After spending some time there, we decided to cycle back and after 20 minutes or so, we stopped to get some rest at the following green place 🙂


After that, we cycled continuous until we reached my friend’s place. I said bye to him and cycled back to Ijburg.

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