Marken via Durgerdam and Uitdam

I woke up to a bright Sunday in Amsterdam, I cleaned the house and wanted to stay in but then I thought it would be a shame to stay inside on such a nice day. So I decided to cycle to Marken.

Marken  is a small town in the municipality of Waterland in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. Marken is a tourist attraction, well-known for its characteristic wooden houses. It is around 27-28 kms from Amsterdam Center with bike.


So I cycled to Zuiderzeeweg, where I cycle pretty much everyday and then I turned on left to Schellingwouderbrug. In the middle of bridge, there are stairs that I took and I after 5 minutes of cycling, I was in this amazing village called Durgerdam. I am living in IJburg and this awesome village is like 30 minutes with bike from my place and I’ve never been there. Shame on me! Let’s see how it looked like


Stopping many times to take pictures of awesome houses and greenery, I cycled further and I reached Uitdam, a small settlement with a population of around 160 :). On my way, I saw several people cycling there. It was one of those places that you see in movies, unbelievably beautiful.


I stopped close to river to get some rest and drink juice, and saw this beautiful scene. For like 10 minutes, there was no one around and I enjoyed the calmness and beauty of that place.


After cycling for quite sometime, I ended up at place, where on my left was Volendam, and on my right, Marken. I choose to go to Marken but that was the  plan, here are pictures of Windmills that I took on the way


Going forward, I could see the small house from distance already. Also there were several people with their awesome heavy racing bikes and they were biking there (of course on their own lane). After cycling for another kilometre on a thin road between water. I ended up in Marken. I was at dock and the view was brilliant, see for your self


I decided to go into town after walking at the dock, I cycled in town and came across some nice places, here are pictures


After that, I decided to cycle back as it was a long journey back home and I had to take the same route. I started cycling back and after 10 kms, I decided to stop and feed myself, I was somewhere in Uitdam and that was the view,


Eating a juicy apple in sunlight next to this place, pretty sweet eh? I don’t have to win a million euro lottery, these small moments of my life that my look useless to some are source of my happiness and the memories of them get my going when I am sad.

Anyway, I met two American girls from Alaska there who were also cycling. They were not sure if they should go to Marken and I suggested they should. We talk about weather in Alaska and of course about Aurora :). After a small chat, I chose to continue journey and here is another picture of the road I was cycling on


I put my headphones on and played some electronic music and cycled almost no-stop to my house. I was drenched in sweat and tired but this was an awesome journey.

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