Velsen, Zaanstad and Skiing

We bought coupons from Groupon sometime ago for indoor skiing. We only used it once and we still had a few coupons left. Derya left for Turkey a few days ago and Melih suggested that we should avail the remaining coupons on Saturday as they’re gonna expire in a week or two and we should cycle to the skiing place.

It was a warm Sunday in Amsterdam, mind it not sunny but warm and humid. I decided to leave my apartment at 11 or something and cycled to Melih’s place.

From there, we set out to cycling. Honestly, for the first 45 minutes or so, it was one of the most boring route we took. First we were cycling in neighbourhoods of North Amsterdam, then we were cycling next to traffic with no scenery on either side. After some time, I stopped to take the first picture. It was some place opposite to Zandaam,


After cycling a few more kilometre, we found ourselves in a really green place, it was somewhere in Zanstaad. We stopped there to eat bananas and drink juice. I took several pictures, some of them are following


Cycling further, we reached this really nice place with small dunes (which according to Dutch standards can be called hills :)).


Remember what I said when we starting trip? We could use some air? My wish came true, very very true. Wind started to blow so hard that we found moving forward very hard. But we didn’t gave up. What kept us going was the beauty of road where we are cycling


We had to get into ferry to cross the river. We got lucky as we reached the dock a few minutes before ferry was supposed to leave. We got into ferry and by that time, weather go more terrible. Brutal wind and showers. Both Melih and me were like why the hell we decided to ski today. Here are a few pictures from ferry


After getting off of the ferry and cycling for another few kilometres against brutal wind, we reached indoor skiing place called Snow Planet. As usual I was unprepared, no jacket, no gloves. I rented the stuff from counter and we started. It was 4 PM and we were supposed to do the skiing for an hour.

According to weather forecast, it was going to rain really really heavy. We said that we here and nothing we can do now. We started skiing and after an hour we were done. We decided to eat something at restaurant they had in Snow Planet. I went for burger, Melih ordered soup. Either we were hungry or the food was really delicious, I enjoyed my burger a lot.

Once we were done eating, sun started to show up, against all odds. It was supposed to rain but it was sunny. We started cycling back and the sunshine took away all the tiredness away from us. We stopped at several places to take pictures like these,


Going forward, we came across a place where there were windmills across the road, again, I took several pictures.


We moved forward and soon, we reached Amsterdam from west side and Melih decided to go North and decided to cycle back to Ijburg. The journey that started with regrets turned out to be really awesome 🙂

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