Weekend Travels

I try to travel every month and in constant search of cheap flights on weekends. When I find them,  I go to places where I can hike and be happy. Here are some photo journals of those travels.


A hike around Lake Como

It was the final public holiday until Christmas in Netherlands. And it happened to be on Monday, I spent last weekend in Amsterdam bored to death and I didn’t wanted to do the same this weekend. I started looking for cheap tickets and found tickets to Milan from Amsterdam. I wanted to hike so I search for options near Milan to hike and found that Lake Como is really nearby. So I planned my hike near lake Como.

In Slovakian Tatras

Friday and Monday were days off in Netherlands which means a long weekend. The last thing on Earth I wanna do is to spend long weekends in Netherlands. So I started looking for cheap flights and on Thursday I found relatively cheap tickets to Budapest from Eindhoven. Another friend of mine decided to join me and the plan was to go to Higher Tatras in Slovakia.

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