A trip to Istanbul

It was a legendary trip, I didn’t visit Istanbul, I experienced it. I went there with my friends and that’s what made this trip so awesome.

I had this vacations planned with my best friends. In fact, it was planned first, then I thought about doing the Eurotrip. The whole thing was spontaneous. We had the tickets and hotel booked within two hours after my friend mention that they have plan to go to Turkey.

As usual, here is the travelogue that I maintained day by day

  1. The Arrival
  2. Food, Mosques, Food and Halal Disco
  3. Beach, Island, Bikes and Food
  4. Shopping, Iskender, Nazar, Wedding and Drinks
  5. A quest for breakfast, lonely walk, pilav, ice cream and pregnant patates
  6. Antep Ezme and the departure

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