Antep Ezme and the departure

So today was the day, I had to go back Amsterdam. I set the alarm as we discussed times already last night. But in the morning, I couldn’t wake up. My whole body was feeling numb and I didn’t wanted to leave bed. I’ve known this condition, I was depressed.

Anyway, Melih came to pick me up, I checkout at hotel and went with him to Derya’s parents to have breakfast. It was really nice as usual, here is a picture of us and breakfast.


After breakfast and goodbye kisses and hugs, we went to airport. It was Derya’s dad who drove us there. It turned out that the flight was delayed. We checked in and dropped the baggage and went into long queue for passport control. After a while we were in waiting lounge. We felt hungry again and wanted to eat something, we went into food court and there I saw her. I looked directly at her, there she was, red as usual. I missed her badly. Antep Ezme’s is her name.

Ezme is a Turkish word that means “crushed”. You’ll also see the word used to describe any other Turkish food that involves a bit of crushing, smashing up or grinding. Antep Ezmesi is basically a spicy tomato salad dip and it’s like hot salsa dip made with the freshest of ingredients.

I ordered it immediately and Melih and Derya ordered Pizza like thing that they were baking fresh. Here are pictures


I don’t look very excited with the idea of leaving Istanbul
I don’t look very excited with the idea of leaving Istanbul

We had to rush a bit in eating as doors were opened. Then we got into plane and slept even before it flew. I woke up when it was about to take off. I am pretty sure that Melih smoked something before flight because he was sleeping like crazy. I couldn’t sleep most of the flight.

We were welcomed by dark grey thick clould in Amsterdam, for 15-20 minutes, the plane was flying in clouds.

Grey Netherlands welcome us

We landed at airport, got into train and got off on Amsterdam Central station. We went to a Doner place in station and ate Durum doner. Then we planned to go to Starbucks but the Derya said that may be we should go home and have tea. We went to Melih and Derya’s home and had a few cup of tea. We finalized the next day’s plan for King day’s celebration.

That’s how another trip which was awesome than any other trip came to an end. It was awesome not only because of city and food, but mainly because of people around me. That’s right, Melih and Derya if you’re reading this, I want to let you know that you guys are awesome and good friends. I wouldn’t trade your company for the World!

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