Beach, Island, Bikes and Food

Weather was a bit cloudy on the third day, but again not too bad. Melih and Derya came to pick me and we went to this place for lunch. They had this buffet which Melih went for but me and Derya went for a toast which is based on the name of a city in Turkey. Here are the pictures


Later two of Derya’s friend joined the breakfast, they had discussion for sometime and then we decided to go outside to walk on the road next to beach as the rain stopped by then. For sometimes, it was sunny, sometime it was windy. We walked and I took some pictures, here are a few of them


The we decided to have lunch, we not us, it was me who was hungry again. We went to a cafe right next to beach and I had a fish sandwich.

h4UW0HPAfter lunch, Derya wanted to spend time with her friend so me and Melih got into the ferry to visit one of the Prince Islands, we chose the biggest one. In about 40 minutes on ferry, we reached the Island. Some pictures I took from ferry on the way to island

As soon we left the ferry there was a Bazar where some people were playing music and dancing. We started to go up in market and we rented the bikes. After that we started cycling up and reached as high as we could. Again, I had to get off of bike and walk, because I was really tired. These are the pictures we took on the way.


Then Melih suggested taking a round on bike around Island using. It was an awesome idea. Following are the views that we saw on the way.


Melih is an avid photographer and he really put huge efforts in taking pictures and then processing them. Take a look yourself


We had really small time left to return the bikes otherwise we might have missed the ferry back to the other side. We cycled fast and managed to reach the ferry stop right on time. Again time was on our side. From ferry, we saw the sun set. Sky was deep blue and we could see the moon and stars shinning.


By the time, we reached the other side, it was night already and I was hungry again. We met Derya and friend and we decided to go to a place which is not a resturant but kinda low profile place. We also have similar places in Pakistan and food there tastes awesome. I said hell yeah, we’re going there. After dropping Derya’s friend at her place, we went for the dinner, fortunately the place was really nearby. I ordered Adana, Urfa, Sashlik and chicken liver. They served the salad as starter and that was the best salad I ever ate in my life. Here are the pictures of us and food.

1CpdhHkAfter eating too much, we all felt tired and we decided to go back home. I went to Derya’s apartment and had a cup of Turkish tea. We had a bit of chit-chat and then Melih dropped me at my hotel and another bright awesome day came to an end.

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