Shopping, Iskender, Nazar, Wedding and Drinks

So the fourth day was quite sunny, I woke up and looked outside, it was really bright and sunny. I sent Melih a message and he told me that they will pick me a bit late. I ate the almonds and pistachios from the party the other night. I also did some “art” on the foggy window.


We were supposed to do some shopping today as I was invited to Wedding as well and I didn’t wanted to show up in t-shirt, jeans and my running shoes in a wedding.

They came at 11 or something, Melih dropped me and Derya to a shopping mall, and went to tax office to get some stuff done. We had a coffee at Starbucks and ate the snacks that they brought.

I took a picture before entering mall that shows the sunny day and traffic of Istanbul at the same time.

Traffic and sunshine in Istanbul

Then I started looking for shoes and later Melih also joined us. I bought shoes and jeans and Melih and Derya also bought jeans. Here are some weird pictures from shopping session.


I spent way too much time than I should have and Derya started to freak out as it was his best friend’s wedding and she has a lot of things to done. After shopping, we returned to apartment and Derya went for hair cut and me and Melih went to have lunch.

It was 4 olock in the afternoon and I was kinda dead due to hunger. We went into a shopping mall and Melih suggested that we should eat Iskender. Iskender is like doner and kebab on top of bread, then some sauce and hot butter. I ordered Mercimek and one and half portion of Iskender. Ate it all and it felt awesome. Here are the pictures.


Now came the Nazar part, what is Nazar? I am glad you asked. In South Asia as well as Turkey, there is a concept that if you’re too happy or if everything is
going great you can get affected by someone’s jealousy and then things starts going wrong. I can’t explain it better than that, you have to be born in Pakistan or Turkey in order to be able to understand that fully.

By the time we got back home, Derya was completely freaked out and she was angry on us as we were late. We started going towards wedding and man, traffic jam was terrible and someone wasn’t happy with us, so someone’s nazar was effective on us. We reached the wedding and place where the wedding was going to happen was brilliant. Here are some pictures


Wedding was very nice, there was lot of food, at least six courses. There was dance, the wedding ceremony itself was quite adorable itself. Here is a picture of the beautiful couple.

Then we decided to go back. After reaching Derya’s apartment, me and Melih decided to go Kadıköy Barlar Sokağı which is like Leidsplein of Istanbul, we had a few beers and then we walked to back to our places as it was pretty late. That marks the end of another day.

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