Euro Trips

Here are some of my long travels that were done across 4-5 countries for more than 15-16 days.

Euro Trip Part 3: The Balkans

Three weeks before leaving for this trip, I felt down. The grey and cold weather of Amsterdam was getting to me and I felt depressed. I decided to take this trip and returned as a different person after this trip.

Sunset at Budapest

Euro Trip Part 2: Eastern Europe

So that was the first time, I traveled solo. In the beginning, I was wondering what I am gonna do without friend, or how I will navigate. What if I miss flight, train? What’s gonna happen, who will be around to help me. I decided to give it a try anyway, and it turned out to be experience of my life.

Euro Trip Part 1: Central Europe

First trip of Europe, 4 guys, 17 days, 6 cities, 7 flights, 1 train, countless metros/trams/buses, over 215 km of walking/hiking. Unfortunately, I didn’t maintained the full diary as this was my first time. But some information can still be found!

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