Day 11 – Vilnius

Traveling in the night bus were 9 hours of pure torture. I was sitting next to 3 big people. And none of us were able to move our legs without hitting each other. At the end of journey I was convinced I won’t be able to walk. On top of that, bus was cold.

I was in Vilnius at 7 something in the morning and it was fucking cold. My phone’s GPS was confused and thought I was somewhere in Austria. Anyway, I took cab to hostel that I booked with Airbnb and when I was there it turned out that reception was closed. I called the number and the lady on phone asked me why I didn’t I told them I was coming so early? I told her I thought it was hostel and it would be open 24 hours. Anyway, she told me that hostel would be open at 10.

D1TjJlsNow I decided to find some shelter because I was in t-shirt and spring coat, and temperature was like 0. After walking a bit, I found McDonald’s and had coffee and croissant there. After resting a bit there, I went to nearby post office, sent post cards to friends. The guy there was very friendly.

Now I decided to go to hostel as it was 10:30 and I was sure it would be open. Went there, check in, took shower. This hostel was way better than the last one, In fact it’s one of the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in and I’d totally recommend it. It’s called V4Vilnius.

Then head outside again to join walking tour. I catch up with a few people over there, just small talk. Weather was terrible and I was so tired. First it was hailing and then raining, kinda reminded me of Amsterdam. I didn’t really enjoyed the tour but the girl who was tour guide, her accent, lord it was beautiful.

After the tour, I decided to go to Gediminas’ Tower with two guys from Australia that I met during tour. It’s remains of castle on hill, and give you good view of city.

Vilnius as see from Gediminas’ Tower
Vilnius as see from Gediminas’ Tower

I spent a few minutes there and then went down. I wanted to try some restaurant that a friend suggested so I parted ways with Australian guys and went there. I took me sometime and help from a Lithuanian couple to figure out where the place actually is. At this point, I had a feeling that Lithuanian people are quite friendly 🙂

Anyway, I got in there, found the place to sit and checked the menu. I wanted to eat all of it, all of it. I asked waiter for the most Lithuanian beer, onion and fish rings for starter and Didzkukuliai (Cepelinai) for main course as this was recommended by friend. I got so excited that I booked a table for evening.

It was delicious and huge in quantity and couldn’t finish all of it. I realized that life and food is supposed to be share with someone. You can have it all to yourself but it would be better to share. I also realized it was 4 in the evening and I won’t be able to digest all the food in 3 hours so I cancelled evening reservation.

I walked back to hostel to take a nap as I decided to go to pub crawl in night. I slept for long and woke up at 8 and changed my mind and decided to not to go to pub crawl. For two reasons, first I could use more sleep and second and most important, I’ll get drunk and end up doing something that will push away someone I like.

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