Day 13 – Vilnius

Today was the time to go back my second home, Amsterdam that is. Again, I felt sad leaving Vilnius as I started to like the city. But hey, that’s story of my life, when I start to like some place or someone, I have to move on, or they move on!

So I woke up early, took shower and prepared my bag. Checkout and left the comments on guestbook in hostel

I hate goodbyes
Last breakfast of trip
Last breakfast of trip

Then I went to McDonald’s to grab breakfast. Had coffee and croissant. After eating, I came outside and had a bit of walk but weather was cold so I decided to take cab, asked driver how much it would cost to airport, he told around 8 euros and I said fuck yeah. Anything you wanna do in Vilnius won’t cost you most than 10 euros 🙂

On the way, had interesting discussion with taxi driver about disputed land between Pakistan and India, Kashmir. Also situation between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am writing this post while in waiting lounge of airport and I guess that’s the end of today’s story, unless you wanna hear that I went back apartment, did laundry.

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