Day 2 – Budapest

To be honest, start of day 2 wasn’t really good. First I had a hard time finding place to rent the bike from. But then a kind and beautiful girl walked me to the shop and I rented the bike,

A nike rental place in Budapest
A nike rental place in Budapest

At this point I decided to leave my camera at apartment and I did that. Then I had to get internet work on my mobile, I went outside to look for sim. It turned out it’s a huge thing to get internet to work on your phone. I had hard time explaining. Then I went to a store, the guy over there was really helpful. He cut the sim for me, and called phone line to activate the sim. Turned out the sim was expired 😦

I was starting to get worried. But then I cycled towards center. Entered a big shopping mall called WestEnd City Center. Got into Vodafone store and got sim.

Then started the fun part, I cycled. Cycled as if there is no tomorrow. Next to huge buses and cars, switching lanes just like I used to do in Karachi with my car. I got honked on by buses, got shouted asshole two times. I felt alive. From that center around 500 meters, I ended up on a bridge and that was the view,

A view of the other side of Budapest
A view of the other side of Budapest

I started biking again, towards Buda castle, on the way, I saw some amazing architecture like following

And here I decided the I am cycling up the Gellért Hill, that turned out to be an awesome decision, although my legs, my back and my butt don’t agree with me but who cares. I cycled and walked and I was literally sweating so much that my t-shirt was wet. But in the end, it was worth the effort. Following two pics are the glimpse of what I saw

Awesome, right? It felt like as if I am seeing something computer generated.

After walking around I decided to go down again. This time I was like flying, slopes were doing their job and I was doing some kinda stunts. At one place I was going faster than cars. It felt so empowering. After coming down, I decided to cycle on Chain Bridge.

Chain Bridge

Then I cycled to Hungarian Parliament Building, and watched it from outside

At this point, I realized that I am hungry, that’s right folks no pun intended, so I went to McDonalds and grab a burger and chips.

Then I decided to go to Margaret Island and cycle there. I followed the map and I was in Island in a couple of minutes, I cycled in whole island which was amazing, see for yourself

Then I sat next to river on a bench and listened ambient music to get some rest and in 30 mins I was ready to move again.

I decided to go City Park which is close to Hősök tere (Heroes Square). So I cycled there and went through streets of Budapest which looked very similar to Prague streets. Honestly there wasn’t anything special there in Park. I only took one picture then cycled in neighbourhood.

City Park Budapest

After that, I cycled around, and then later again ended up at Hősök tere and took some photos.

And then I decided to go to a restaurant that had authentic Hungarian food, it’s called Paprika and it’s really close to my apartment.

I went there and it turned out you need reservation first. I booked at 8:30 and went back to apartment to refresh. There I met my hosts and another guest from Frankfurt, we had good discussion around Yogi style, Maths and how to get cheap flights over the tea. So four guys from different countries and four different languages having cup of tea together, how cool is that :). Here is a picture of us.

Me with my fellow guests in Budapest

After tea, it was almost time to go to restaurant. I went there and it turned out the waiter meant that I have time until 8:30 and I was late. He wouldn’t accept his mistake that he miscommunicated. He asked me to wait but he wasn’t sure how much time it will take.

There were two girls sitting in waiting line and I asked them if I can join them to which they said yes. They were student in Rome but originally from China.

Restaurant was very cosy and nice and had a good atmosphere. We ordered food and had good discussion about travel.

All the food for 30 euros, isn’t it awesome? I could only finish half of it. All three of us were very tired and sleepy after eating that much so we decided to say good bye. Here is a picture of us outside restaurant

That marks the end of Day 2 but start of an awesome journey. I knew that it’s gonna be great and will bring a lot of positive change in me.

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