Day 3 – Budapest

I ate too much last night so couldn’t sleep properly, I was sweating all night and had a headache in morning but do I care? Took a strong coffee, a bit of chit chat with my host and then I went outside, went to post office which happens to be downstairs, got a croissant and started journey.

First I wanted to see Vajdahunyad Castle which happens to be really close to my apartment. I cycled there and explore the surrounding of castle, here are some pictures

After that, I resumed biking again towards Saint Stephan’s Basilica Church. On the way, I found myself in love with streets of Budapest. I discard the path suggested by Google maps and instead took the street where I found something interesting. Here are a few more pictures I took

Finally, I ended up at Church and the view from the square was magnificent. After spending sometime there, I cycled in random direction and ended up at Erzśebet ter which is a square with some nice architecture around it.  I decided to grab lunch at this time and during searching for good food, saw some more awesome buildings on the way

I ended up at a Turkish restaurant with a funny name. Again I was mistaken to be Turkish and I tried to go with it. Conversation was like

Guy: Merhaba (Hello)
Me: Merhaba, bier Guveć lutfan (Hello, One Guvec please)
Guy: Something in Turkish that I couldn’t understand
Me: Sorry?
Guy: Where do you come from?
Me: Pakistan
Guy: Urdu aati hai (do you speak Urdu)?
Me: G bilkul (of course), how did you learn Urdu?
Guy: I lived in India and learned Hindi and Urdu there.

I ate lunch and at the end of lunch he asked me how was lunch, to which I said “Chok Guzailik (mean very awesome)” and we both laughed. Here is the picture of Guvec

Now I decided to go to Kerepesi Cemetery which was suggested by my host. It’s located in not a very popular district of Budapest but I don’t really care about this stuff, I come from a country that has a reputation that has nothing to do with reality. On the way to cemetery, I experience part of Budapest that a tourist won’t. The architecture, atmosphere and everything was different and I really enjoyed the experience. Take a look the pictures

Then I went into Cemetery, people are sometime not willing to go to such places but I think death just like life is a miracle of Mother Nature. Old people dying to make space for new people. It’s resource management at it’s best. Following are some pictures that I took there.

After that, I went to see the Botanical Gardens, it was pretty close to Cemetery. It was so peaceful and quite place. I could here bird chirping, see flowers that made my eyes feel good. I sat there for a while, closed my eyes and did nothing. Then I walked around and saw some tremendous flowers and plants.

At this time, I was a bit tired and I had to change my bus timing for tomorrow so I can return the bike to rental shop so I decided to get back home. On the way back, I realized that I don’t need maps, I remember streets by heart now :). As I was about to enter the main gate of apartment I spotted the old lady from shop and she waved and smiled at me, that made my day, someone recognized me even though I was there for less than 2 days :).

I came back to apartment, changed the bus ticket and took a nap, I don’t snore but I could here myself snoring during sleep in this power nap.

I woke after 30 mins or so and then went outside again, grabbed my bike and cycled towards Citadella, after a butt breaking journey I was on top again at sunset, I roamed around took pictures and then had a chat with Slovak couple about traveling. Following are two pictures that I took

Then I experienced the same fun of biking down the hill.

I was in touch with an online friend of mine, we followed each other on Instagram sometime ago and it turned out they will be in Budapest today, we decided to meet. I went to meet them, really nice and awesome couple. We decided to go to an Irish Pub. They also had a live music event in Pub that day and there was a girl band playing Irish music which we really enjoyed. We had a couple pint of Guinness and discuses so many things like fitness, running, politics, religion, computers and traveling.

At 12:30 we decided to call it a day and then had out good bye hugs and left. I cycled back to my apartment and I guess that marks the end of day 3 in Budapest 🙂

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