Day 4 – Bratislava

I was supposed to wake up early in the morning but I don’t have any alarm set up for weekends, and these days I am not tracking time and days. So no alarm but woke up early, thanks to the habit of early morning running.

I took shower packed my stuff, made strong coffee, got ready. Had interesting discussion with another guest of my host who was French old lady, she spoke French and I spoke English but it all made sense, we laughed on something both of us had no idea about. I wasn’t high or drunk, just so you know.

So I said good-bye to my host and went outside for final round of cycling. Man I am gonna miss that! Bike rental was supposed to be open at 10 so I still had time. I got some cake and sandwich for breakfast and cycled around the neighborhood. At 10 sharp, shop was opened and I returned the bike and said good-bye to the guys at store. I got the sticker from them which I put on my backpack.

Then I ran towards bus station and got into bus, switched to another tram line after a few stops and then reached big bus stop. By the time I found bus, it was about to leave.

Then bus started and when I was on highway, I saw nice views of Hungary, I also found little happiness in my bag that I bought in the morning, it was walnut cake piece. So I enjoyed cake and view

After two and a half hour, I reached Bratislava. Then walked towards city center, it looked empty and nothing like what we saw in Eurotrip movie :D.

I ate subway sandwich and then went to apartment, it is full geeky apartment and pretty close Old town. I could see Doctor Who’s posters, comics, action figures everywhere in Apartment.

Then I took a power nap, then searched for bike rentals found one and went there, had small talk with the guy there about where I come from and how is situation in Pakistan, he seemed like a cool guy, here is a picture of us

Once I had the bike, I was a free man, I cycled around center a bit and then decided to cycle up to the Castle. Again it was a butt hurting effort to get up there, but I managed to do that. Following is a picture that I took on the way to castle

A tram in Bratislava

When I went there, I had such a feeling of crippling loneliness that I couldn’t enjoy anything. I tried to talk to people but they were not interested because pretty much everyone there was a couple and they didn’t wanted to stop making out and talk with a random stranger.

I walked around and took pictures and waited for sunset so I can get a view from top at the night. Time went fucking slow, I put on my earphones and started playing ambient music and that really helped. Here are the pictures

I was planning to leave at this point but I overheard Canadian accent and there were two guys. I went to talk to them and they were also backpacking like me in same cities. We talked and they told me about this Pub crawl thing and asked me if I wanna join to which I said hell yeah. We decided time and place for meeting again

I went back to city center and ate McDonald’s. There I met a Spanish teacher from Costa Rica who is teaching in Paris, we had discussion about languages and then I left. Drop my bike in the apartment, mind it, I carried that bike to 4th floor 😀

Then we met at the place and went for the pub crawl. At first bar, I met German, Irish, Brazilian guys. Drinking with Irish people is always fun. Then we walked to another bar and man it started to become fun. I met a girl and a guy from South Carolina and tried to speak in Southern accent, they said it was ok and I need to practice more. Then we moved to another pub and met More people. Walking from bar to bar making noises, it was so fun. Here are pictures from the crazy night

In the pub there were people from Brazil, UK, Australia, but I was the only person from Pakistan :D. By the end of night, me and the Canadian guys Joe and Christopher were like best pals :D. At 2 or 3, I don’t remember, I left the party and walked back to my apartment.

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