Day 5 – Bratislava

So today was the day for me, I had too much social interaction last night and I needed my solitude to recover. I had to feed my introversion.

I woke up early at 8:30, I was expecting a terrible hangover but I was good. Took shower and left apartment. It was a perfect sunny morning, I went to a small cafe in city center and ordered bread and coffee and honey cake, here comes the picture

After I was done with breakfast, I decided to explore city, again google was my guy.

I first went to see Michael’s Gate then Church of St. Elisabeth also called Blue Church, or Smurf Church as we called it last night when were drunk. After that I went to see Bratislava City Museum. Here are the pictures of above places respectively

After that, I decided to go to Slavín which is a memorial monument and military cemetery. It is the burial ground of thousands of Soviet Army soldiers who fell during World War II while liberating the city. It is situated on a hill which meant some tough cycling.  I went up there and place was beautiful, memorial itself and the view of city you get from there. Here are a few pics

While I was roaming around, I heard someone speaking Hindi, which reminded me that I haven’t spoken Urdu for quite someday. If was an Indian couple. I chat up with them a bit, the guy worked in Embassy and we talked about how terrible weather Europe have in winters.

Now it was time to cycle back to down and experience the speed and feel like Jason Statham. When I was again in city centre I felt like trying some Slovakian food, I cycled here and there and found a cafe in narrow street, went in there and asked the waitress which one is the Slovakian food from menu and what she would suggest. She suggested potato dumplings. I tried them but to be honest didn’t quite liked it. Here’s how they look like

Slovakian potato dumplings

After lunch, I biked a little more around old town and took more pictures

After that, I felt like going back to flat and get some rest and because I had to go somewhere awesome in evening and that required cycling and cycling on hills. So I went back home, took a nap, drooled like a child. At 5 in evening woke up again and I was fresh to start journey.

So the place is called Devín Castle which is well-preserved ruin and noted for a marvellous geographical position, offering terrific panorama views upon the confluence of Danube and Morava rivers. It’s like 15 km from old town. So I started cycling and after a lot of cycling I was there, and the views were breathtaking.

I saw hills and I couldn’t resist. I had to go up as much as I can, so I started cycling. I went up and up until the point where my legs and back couldn’t take it anymore. At this point, there was no one around, just me, my bike and chirping of birds.

There was a problem though, there were fences and they were keeping from going to the edge and take a better view. Then I saw a parking spot and I took a peek from gap between door and damn there was no one in there and if I were to go inside I could get a nice view.

So what I did? Of course I jumped over the wall and jumped into spot. Sometimes you do what you gotta. So here is the results of breaking into someone’s private property 😉

After spending sometime there, I decided to go down, this time road was so steep that I had to press the brakes all the time.

Then I came down and saw the sunset in Danube river. I turned on Confluence by Manual (Ambient Music again) and I set there having the sheer joy. I felt happiness :). Here is a picture

Sunset in confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers
Sunset in confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers

After sunset, it was time to go as it was dark and I had to cycle again around 20 KMs. So I started the journey back next to river and after quite sometime I was close to city. One more picture I took,

Bratislava at Night

I decided to go McDonald’s, had burger and chips and came back to flat and from window noticed that sky was so clear that many stars were visible. I sat and gazed for 15 minutes. My introversion was very well fed and I was ready to socialize again!

New guest came to the flat I am living in but I didn’t had chance to meet them. So they returned and I met them. A family from Columbia, very humble and friendly. We talked on various topics like travel and situation in each other’s country.

Then we said good night and they slept and I started writing the post and these sentences mark the end of day 5 .

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