Day 6 – Vienna

I had this plan, to in run the cities where I visit, last time I couldn’t do that because of leg injury, but this time I was fit as a horse. I decided last night that I’ll run in morning. I woke up early, said good morning to fellow guests, got into running clothes and ran 2 KMs, they were pretty easy even with some high elevation involved.

Then I came back to flat, again had chat about Amsterdam with fellow guests and the very kind lady offer me juice to drink. They were very nice, kind and warm hearted people. I didn’t had chance to spend much time with them but they offered me that I ever come to Colombia, it visit them. Here is a picture of us

After saying goodbye to them, I got my stuff packed, left a message to my host and then left apartment.

The I went to post office to send post cards to friends. After that, I went to return the bike at the place I rented from. At this time I was out of energy and I had a few minutes to grab something before I pass out :D. I walked with my backpack to a cafe, had coffee and croissant, the walked towards the bus station to get the bus for Vienna.

Finally the bus was there, I got in and slept most of the time as I slept only 5 hours last night. I was in Vienna after an hour, there I grabbed cheese burger form a shop called BurgerMe, it was pretty good, I’d totally recommend that. It turned out that the guy working there from India and Afghanistan, so the whole neighborhood was there :D, had a little chat with them and then it was time to move on.

I checked google maps and there was no bus or train to the place I wanted to go and I wanted to save some energy so I called Uber. Weather was okay at that time, nowhere close to Budapest and Bratislava but still acceptable. First impression of Vienna, it was dull!

I went to the apartment and this is how it looked like

Then I went outside, weather was terrible, completely cloudy, depressing. After walking around in city for sometime and not enjoying anything, I went to Bike rental place and asked them questions about Wachau Valley, rented the bike. Here is a picture with the Bike guys 🙂

I made it black and white to reflect weather and my mood 🙂

Anyway, I looked up on google what to do in Vienna and decided to cycle to Schönbrunn Palace because it looked pretty nice and has to offer a view of city.

On the way I saw some mildly interesting things, like Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera

By the time I reach the Palace, it stated to rain. I had to take shelter under roof. The palace was going under maintenance and there was nothing that look good in grey weather. Here are some pictures

I decided to cycle back disappointed back to city center and after a long cycling I reached Museumsquartier. Only place where I could see sometime light in building. I walked around and took pictures of buildings that looked good to me.

At this point I decided to go back to flat. I was disappointed in Vienna. But then I came to realize that I made some emotional connections with Bratislava. Sunshine, sunset, hills, river Danube from Bratislava is what made Vienna look dull to me.

How we need another soul to cling to, another body to keep us warm. To rest and trust; to give your soul in confidence: I need this, I need someone to pour myself into
Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

I cling to nature, I make bond with nature and beauty in it’s purest form it has to offer. That’s why cities don’t appeal me!

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