Day 7 – Wachau

So that was the only thing that I had planned before leaving for trip. Cycling in Wachau Valley, I’ll explain later what exactly it is.

Last night, I slept like I used to when I was going to university along with a full-time job. I put my phone on charge and decided I am gonna wake at 11, eat and take a stroll outside. But slept and woke up next morning.

Next morning, honestly, I didn’t wanted to go outside but then I saw the sun. Took shower, went to post office, send cards to friends and went to place of happiness. It was bakery/cafe, colored in pink :). I ordered croissant, apple pie and large espresso.

Now that I had enough sugar and caffeine in my body, I was ready. So here was the plan, I take a train from Vienna to Krems station which is like a hour and from there cycle to Melk. The cycling track is around 40 km one way and offers the view that makes you forget breath. Following is the map for reference.

So on the way to Vienna train station I heard a familiar language, I asked the couple “Sprekt Nederland?” To which they responded yeah. They were a couple from Utrecht there for marathon. We had small chat and then we parted away.

The cycling path of WachauI went to the station, bought ticket for me and my girlfriend, oops bike I meant. As I reach the platform, I saw train leaving. I took another connection train and after an hour I was in Krems.

From there I started to cycle and after a kilometer I was a one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I can’t explain, how do I explain? Sun on my face, refreshing air on my back, mountains on my right, river on my left. Does it give you any idea?


I cycled forward and absorbed, yes absorbed the scenery. I saw wine yards, flowers and a lot. I would cycle and stop if I see something and take photos.

After cycling like 28 km, I stopped and ate cookies I got from Turkish store last night. This is where I sat and ate :)
After cycling like 28 km, I stopped and ate cookies I got from Turkish store last night. This is where I sat and ate 🙂

After that, I decided it was time to go back, on the way back I chat up with a Canadian family. I cycled back to the Krems station again, got the ticket and boarded on train. After an hour I was in Vienna again. Now that was the challenge, the distance from station to bike rental was 22 minutes and the shop was supposed to close in 30 minutes. If I didn’t returned the bike today, I’ll have to stay in Vienna for tonight.

I cycled like crazy and got there just in time. Again had chit-chat with guys over there and they were impressed. They said next time I’ll get a discount from them and drinks as well. They offered me free frisbee as a gift.

Now that I was bike less, I walked and ate Chinese Vok in a shop under station. It was awesome, spicy but good. I know I am gonna regret it tomorrow morning, but I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer care about tomorrow.

So I went back home, took shower and realized that I got sun burns, I was red :D. Anyway, I packed my stuff and checkout from apartment. Went to one train station nearby and went to Central station there to get tickets for Warsaw. They had a problem in their system so I bought the ticket online.

I ate another meal, roasted chicken and fries to get me going in the train as it was an eight-hour journey.

Then I got into train and my cabin where I suppose to sleep was like a coffin. I share the room with two polish woman, one elderly and second young but really obnoxious type. She was angry that I woke them up, I apologized to certain extent and it didn’t change their mode. Then I didn’t care.

Bed was very uncomfortable but I didn’t really cared. I was happy, not only because of the cycling trip but also for the small things. They may seem small like eating chocolate cookies next to river, seeing blossoming flowers and talking to someone you like after a while but they are the one that brings the joy in life.

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