Day 9 – Warsaw

Sleeping in the hostel, I was kinda grossed out. I woke up early morning and went to Starbucks, had breakfast there. It was a sunny day today in Warsaw.

I had plans to do the free walking tours. It was suggested by Joe, the Canadian awesome guy I met in Bratislava. I went there at 10:30 and we started from there. The idea behind free walking tour is, we go around in a certain historical area and the guide give us information of buildings/places and history behind them. Here are a few pictures that I took during the tour.

It was a 2 hours long tour and gave me some good insight about Polish history. If you ever happen to go there, I’d totally recommend that. I didn’t take much pictures today as I was concentrating on what tour guides were saying.

During the tour, I met Brazilian girl and a guy and Slovenian guy and we had a beer in break time. Then at the end of tour, I met a guy from US who worked in Army and we had interesting discussion on war, religion and likewise topics for quite sometime. We ate lunch together, which was Pierogi, something I had yesterday, meat dumplings. They were delicious.

Then we went for anther tour which was Foods and Drinks of Warsaw. It was another experience. We started from a donuts place, then a shot of Vodka at another bar, then lime and baguette with cheese, then dumplings again and last but not the least were beers. Five different kind of beer. It was fun.

After a while, I decided to leave the bar as I wanted to spend some alone time. I walked back to place where I parked my bike, picked my bike and cycled around.Then I decided to go to Starbucks and spent sometime there. Later went to McDonald’s to get some chips and burger and cycled a bit.

A picture in evening
A picture in evening

Today was also not a very surprising day and I felt a bit lonely. So I went back to hostel and crashed at my bunk bed.

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