I should have wrote these posts a long time ago, while the memory was still fresh but then again, I wasn’t planning to go on World tour, I am still not sure about that but that seems like the thing to do right now 🙂

Day 1

So I started the trip on 28th of October 2014. We took the flight in late morning from Amsterdam Schiphol to Berlin Schoenefeld and we were in Berlin at around 15:00 and took the train to Alexanderplatz.

Honestly, at that time, I had no idea about Berlin, I had no expectations, but the moment I got off the train, I knew it was awesome. We had sandwich from Subway, I shot a small timelapse close to TV tower while eating. And then we headed to our apartment that I booked with Airbnb.

We went in apartment, put our stuff and headed outside again. It was 9 or something, streets were awesome. I felt like I am in my home town. There were lights, small pubs, small shops, graffiti on wall and something was in air that made me feel home.

Here, take a look at the pic of graffiti

Graffiti in Berlin
Graffiti in Berlin

Then we headed out for walk towards Alexanderplatz, there was some sort of festival going on there, we walked, enjoyed the cool wind and took pics.


After that, we went back to Apartment and slept our asses off.

Day 2

We woke up, I went downstair to get something from super market and I was again mistaken to be Spanish by the Chinese lady there. After the breakfast, we headed outside to see roam around city and see a few places.

We walked a took pictures, here are some of the pics that I took,

Then we went to see Berlin Cathedral. Architecture of the building is tremendous and the interior is brilliant. I visited every part of the Cathedral and took pictures. Here are some pictures again

The top of the building offers a breath taking view of city
The top of the building offers a breath taking view of city

We spent quite sometime inside and then we decided to go to this place in Berlin called Classic Remise Berlin.

The Classic Remise Berlin, a center for vintage cars, was opened in 2003 in a historic tram depot, originally built in imperial times, construction starting in 1899. Some architectural changes to the building were made in the 1920s. There were limited damages in the war, the places where firebombs damaged the building can still be seen on the ceiling. After the tram system was given up in then West-Berlin in the 1960s the depot did not serve any purpose and was in decay until the present owners bought it in 2002 and started to reconstruct it into a classic car center.

Now there are garages, services and dealers for classic cars, shops for spare parts, clothing, model cars, accessories and restaurants in this landmark building.


After watching the cars that I’d love to drive but can’t afford at the moment, we headed to Pariser Platz. Pariser Platz is a square in the centre of Berlin, Germany, situated by the Brandenburg Gate. It was dark already by the time we got there and it was magical. There were a lot of people yet it was still very cool place. The wind at that time was also very soothing and refreshing. I decided to take a few timelapse and hyperlapse around there. Here are a few pictures that I took there

After walking here and there again, we decided to call it a day and went back to apartment. I guess watching so many things just in one day, not bad eh?

Day 3

Next morning, I went to see the Memorial of Berlin Wall. It was different than what I was expecting. You can barely find the traces of walls but there is enough information borards there that read the history of wall. I didn’t spend as much time as I should have there moved to Museum Island to visit Altes Museum. I spent a few hours there in different sections of Museum, taking pictures and increasing my limited knowledge.

After that, I was outside and I spent sometime in Museum Island and checked the other Museum from outside.

Then I headed to see the Charlottenburg Palace and the gardens. I reached there in after noon and it turned out that I can’t visit the full Gardens because they’re very big and I didn’t had enough time before they’re closed. I didn’t wanted to waste the day and I said, I’ll see what I can see and got the tickets anyway. The palace was very beautiful from inside, here are some pictures.

By the time, I was done visiting the palace, Sun was almost setting down, I took this picture on metro station

A metro station in Berlin

I came back to Brandenburg Gate at night and there I met a girl who was originally from Romania, but she lived in Austria and she was there for some business trip. We had discussion around culture, religion and how they contribute to the current situation of the World.

After an hour long conversation, I decided to go back to apartment and sleep :).

Day 4

Day for was kinda Idle, we spend time roaming in city here and there, in random streets. Walking in unknown places without checking google maps. In the evening, I went to Berliner Fernsehturm also known as TV Tower of Berlin. Standing at the height of 368 meters, it is the tallest structure in Germany and gives you awesome view of Berlin. Only problem, windows are not as clean as they should be.

View of Berlin from TV Tower

After spending an hour or so, taking a 360 degree view of Berlin from tower, it was again time to go back. We spent some time in Alexandreplatz and then went back to home.

I called my host (we got the apartment from airbnb), and he was up for a few drinks, we drank and then he ordered some spicy food and then had some good conversation around woman and law and order conditions in Pakistan.

Day 5

Nothing much to do, we woke up early and went back to Airport to catch the flight.

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