Flight from last night was awful. There was a massive thunderstorm which caused the worst turbulence I’ve experienced so far. From airport, we took the bus to our apartment and reached there. Our host told us that this is the one of the worst storm she has seen in Geneva. Next morning we went outside to see the city and surroundings.

Later, we decided to hike at Mont Salève. The Salève is a mountain of the French Prealps located in the departement of Haute-Savoie (France). It is also called the “Balcony of Geneva”. We went there and took the cable car which dropped us at a certain height and views from there were awesome. We could see the lake of Geneva in its full beauty. We hiked a little bit before we decided to return

After spending sometime, there we decided to return back and we took the cable lift again and we were again at the docks of Geneva lake at sunset time

Sunset at docks of Lake Geneva

Then we returned home and our Estonian host, who is leaving Geneva and dating an Indian guy made us the most spicy food I ever ate in Europe. We had wonderful time at dinner and talked about different things.

Next day, we spent sometime in city roaming around and then took our flight to Rome. View from the plane was amazing

In my humble opinion, Geneva city itself doesn’t much to offer but it’s surrounded many beautiful nature that makes it worth visiting.

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