Euro Trip Part 3: The Balkans

Three weeks before leaving for this trip, I felt down. The grey and cold weather of Amsterdam was getting to me and I felt depressed. I decided to take this trip and I was warned by many people about the refugee situation. I decided to take my chances and did the trip.

1 dude, 15 days, 7 countries, 11 cities, 2 flights, several buses. I started the journey by myself but made several friends on the way. I climbed 3 mountains, scaled city walls, saw beautiful lakes, saw Milky way for the first time in my life. Tried local food and drinks and had heaps of fun. These 2 weeks have been one of the best part of my life and it was mainly because of people I met!

During the journeys, I learned two things that changed the way I think.

  1. First, we’re always told to learn from others mistakes. I say, make our own mistakes, jump in water when you can’t swim, climb the mountain in terrible wind when everyone advised against it, get drunk in a strange city with a stranger. Trust me, you’ll have time of your life and you’ll have stories to tell!
  2. And most important thing, I learned that I am not the only crazy one. Someone as much crazy is out there for me. I am not gonna meet her in a bar or party but somewhere out there in wild. Probably she is out there sitting in mountains and thinking if she should go further, or fixing flat tire of her bike in middle of no where, or lying on her back in a dark night gazing stars and thinking where is everyone?

Going to the Balkans is one of the best things happened to me. Before the trip, I felt lost, but I found myself back during the trip. Climbing the mountains, making new friends and doing adventurous things reminded me how passionate person I used to be. I am gonna be the same person again, I’ll run a marathon and won’t stop and go for an ultra-marathon. I’ll pursue my dream of starting my own internet company and selling it and won’t stop there, I’ll go explore Iceland and won’t stop there, will go way beyond!

I would also like to thank you all the cool and awesome people who became part of this journey. Following is the travelogue that I maintained on daily basis. It has information about places I went, food and drinks that I tried and the most amazing and bright people I met and became friends with them!


– Day 1: Arrival at Sofia, Bulgaria
– Day 2: A hike to Vitosha’s black peak and dance lessons
– Day 3: Sofia & Niš


Day 4: A hike to Suva Planina
Day 5: Chilling Day in Niška Banja and a sad farewell


Day 6: Milkyway, Budva, Kotor and Thunderstorm
Day 7: A drive to Lovcen, boat ride in Skadar, strolling in Budva Old Town and beers at the beach
Day 8: Cycling around Kotor, jumping in water and journey to Croatia


Day 9: Dubrovnic, City walls, a view from top and Fortress
Day 10: A tough hike to Vošac, power naps and late night drive
– Day 11: Goodbyes and a bit lonely day in Split with refreshing evening beer
Day 12: Plitvice Lakes, fog, rain, exhaustion and broken phone


Day 13: Emotions, Miracle and Rugby match
Day 14: Another Goodbye, a moment of Zen at Lake Bled and bye to Balkans


Day 15: Romanian, Arabic, Menneken Piss, Fries and Smell of Piss

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