Day 11: Goodbyes and a lonely day in Split with refreshing evening beer

I woke up at 6:45 to a lovely sunrise. Yesterday’s hike was very tiring but I felt good. Felix had to leave today for Zagreb and I was going to Split.

Felix left at 8:00, we had a warm good-bye hug and hoped to meet again. Then I went to take shower and after that ate the pizza from last night. There is no better breakfast than pizza from previous night. I sat outside balcony to this view for some time.

r0JzRYbAt 11:00, I checked out of apartment and walked to bus station and grabbed two strong big espressos at station. Bus left at 12:00 and I listened to the music with my headphones. I was in Split at around 13:00 and had plans to meet Anika, the smart girl I met in bus on the way to Makarska. We were going to meet at 18:00 so I had 4 hours to kill. I grabbed a chicken roll from a shop near bus station and then  rented bike and started cycling around. Took some pictures,


But I was tired, so I returned to dock and lied there on ground in sun. I spent an hour like that.


It was almost 6 in evening, so cycled to the place where I was going to meet Anika. She arrived after sometime. We grabbed the two beers and returned the bike and walked up to hill of Marjan. We sat in the trees and had beers while we talked about people who demotivate us in our life are actually our friends because they are the one who challenges us to do the tasks they think we can’t do. After sometime, we decided to walk to nearby dock.

Sunset at docks of Split
Sunset at docks of Split

At 8 in evening or so, we returned to station. I had a bus to catch to Zagreb, which was leaving in 10 minutes. Lucky me! I got the ticket, dropped luggage in bus and got in. I arrived Zagreb completely exhausted, the host was kind enough to pick me at station. I walked with her to the house which was really close to station and the room was really nice.


I went in room and dropped dead on the bed and slept immediately. Someone during my last trip asked me what is it that is mostly costly during traveling like that. At that time, I wasn’t sure. But now I know, traveling solo like me, it’s really costly emotionally. Going to a strange city, ending up being friends with someone you met in hours, developing a love for nature and then having to say good-bye to them. That is the biggest cost that I have to pay.

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