Day 13 – Emotions, Miracle and Rugby match

I woke up really early this morning and tried to have my phone fixed again but no luck. Went downstairs and used the Internet at the counter. I wanted to go Lake Bled but didn’t felt like it.

I went outside of hostel to get some fresh air. Two Australian guys and girl was sitting outside so I joined them. Australian guys had their stuff (laptops and cameras and passport) stolen last night. I felt really bad for them. We talked for an hour or so and then they left to figure out things. Then I was sitting with the girl, she was from Paris.

We started talking and she turned out to be very humble person who was traveling in Asia for last 1.5 years. She told me so many interesting stories. Then we talked about self-confidence and emotions. She told me how she became more emotional during her travel to Asia. I don’t show emotions or talk about them. Before this trip, I considered them a weakness. I never expressed them directly, I always used writing and photography to express them. But during this trip, getting hugged and kissed by several strangers, I learned that they are the best feature of human. That’s what differentiate us from other machines.

After hour of awesome talk, I decided to go to lake. We decided that we will hangout in evening. I walked towards the bus station, asking different shops if I can get my phone fixed, again no luck. I got so desperate that I decided to eat McDonald’s.

After that, went to station and got the ticket for lake. But bus was an hour later. So decided to walk around again. On the way, I came across a camera shop, I went in and asked the guy or let me say angel if there was a shop around that can fix my phone. He searched for me on google and found a nearby shop. Gave me information about bus station, bus number and stop. That 10 minutes of his life for a random stranger are worth more than a million dollars!

I followed the advice, went to the place and the guy over there told me it can be fixed in two hours. Such a huge relief! I took the bus back to city center and spent some time there. After 14:00, got into bus again and reached the place at 14:30 and guess what? My phone was fixed. I paid 45 euros for that but I am so happy!

Got into bus again, reached hostel. Took shower and took backup of pictures. After that, I went to eat something, ended up in a fancy restaurant and ordered fresh orange juice and steak slices. It was pretty good!


Got back to hostel, left message to Sandy, the French girl from morning. She was in a bar, planning to watch Rugby match between France and Canada, I decided to join her and we watched the match over beers and wine. Then we decided to order Pizza, which was really delicious. She had pizza after a long time as she was in Asia, I could feel her enjoying every bit of it. After match, we walked back to hostel again talking about a lot of things. We stopped at one place to take picture and here it is,

Me and Sandy posing as Chinese

We came back to Hostel and crashed. Today was a different but good day. Getting my phone fixed was a miracle, I got interested into a new sport Rugby and thanks to Sandy, I talked about my emotions, something that I barely do!

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