Day 14 – Another Goodbye, a moment of Zen at Lake Bled and bye to Balkans

I woke up early as usual in morning. Sandy was also awake, we went upstairs to grab breakfast and coffee and sat in lounge of hostel.

51jRq0JWe talked about, food and significance of their original recipes and how they are never same in different countries. We talked about several things. She also wrote me a note on the paper. Then we went outside and talked about situation in Pakistan, religion and related stuff. Before we knew, it was time to say goodbye. I had already picked my stuff and checked out from hostel. We had a good bye hug and kiss and then it was time for me to go. God I hate goodbyes!

My plan was to visit Lake Bled today because I couldn’t do that yesterday. I walked to the bus station and got the ticket. Next bus was at 10:00 so I waited a bit. Then got into bus and put my headphones on. In 75 minutes, we reached the main station of Bled. A few pictures of Ljubljana city I took on the way to station.


uvwiOTAAll the places on station like information center and shops were closed. Apparently, Friday is their day off. I went around and asked people if I can drop my bag at some place. Then I entered the bar and asked the girl over there if I can leave my bag at the bar? And she was like you wanna leave your bag to us? And I said why not :). She said sure, I left bag to her and moved towards lake.

Lake was very beautiful and not many tourist were there as I was told. I only had two hours to explore the lake so I started with a fast pace. I followed the trails without knowing which one goes to which. I stopped at some places to take pictures and timelapses.



After an hour of walk or so, I decided to stop at a place. It was a very calm and peaceful place with no one around. I put on my headphones and started playing Confluence by Manual. It’s my second favorite ambient song by Danish musician. I kept myself from listening to this song for a month because I knew that during the trip, there will be a moment like where I’ll enjoy it the most. It was that moment. I sat next to docks, in complete peace. I was timeless and body-less, without any beginning or end. For a brief moment, I was immortal. I was an experience!

A moment of Zen

After that, I decided to go back as I was short in time. I took several pictures on the way back two of which are


I also stopped at a cafe to try the famous Lake Bled pie, if you ever go to Lake Bled, don’t forget the pie. It was brilliant and lived up to expectations.


The bus was at 14:30 and I was near bus station at 13:45. So I decided to go up at church and see the lake from there. I reached the top in 15 minutes and paid 7 euros entry fee, but that was totally worth it. The view from top was amazing


Then a bunch of Asian tourist came up with their selfie sticks and loud voices and ruined everything. I decided to went downstairs. At bus station, I was told by this taxi driver that there are no direct buses from Bled to Airport and I wasn’t sure about the connection either. My flight was at 18:30 and it was 14:30 already and the way back to Ljubljana is 90 minutes and from there to airport. Everything seems to be risky so I asked taxi driver that how much if she drop me at airport and she said 45 euros. I was like wow, I am paying 30 euros for flight. But I had no other choice, she told me that with taxi I can be at airport in 20-25 minutes.

I decided to take cab and spend more time in the neighborhood. I went to a restaurant and ordered chicken stew and mixed grill and beer.


Two Australian girls came later and I had a bit of chit chat with them. God bless Australian, they’re so friendly. After eating a lot, I did a small walking near lake and got back. Taxi driver was waiting there for me. She was an interesting person and we talked about mountains and different topics. In 25 minutes, I was at airport. It was a long line at check-in but I got in eventually. I bought Slovenian Spirit from duty free and waited for boarding. After sometime I boarded. As I was going into plane, I saw the sun setting behind those mountains.

In plane, I had seat next a couple with their infant kid :), he was very cute. I played with him for a while. Then plane took off and I saw the mountains above the cloud. It was tremendous!


CtE2XS0After that, I slept for a few minutes and when I woke up, mountains were gone from the view. Realizing that I was leaving that place made my heart real sad. I felt like my chest can’t hold my heart anymore. At 20:30 or so, my plane landed at Charleroi airport and I could see lights from the plane, or let me say light pollution.

From there I took the bus to Brussels that cost 17 euros and a fucking hour. I was sitting next to the same family again in bus :). I don’t remember feeling so tired ever in my life. Anyway, an hour later, I was in Brussels. With help from several people, I managed to get into right Metro and I was at the apartment where I was supposed to stay in an hour or. When I was walking and looking up at sky, I could see orange sky with no stars!

I was welcomed by a weird dude. When I told him that I come from Pakistan, color on his face changed completely. Then he told me that how a girl from Pakistan broke his heart and didn’t married him. He said several bad things about Pakistani people. It got even weirder when he said that girl didn’t cared if he slit his wrist. At this point, I was convinced that this is last night of life. He gave me water to drink in a extremely dirty glass.

I told him that I am extremely tired and I want to catch some sleep. My room didn’t had lock so I slept with light turned on.


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