Rest, Food and Dance

After walking so much for the last two days, I was completely exhausted. On top of that, I started to had pain in my right foot. Not just pain but also swelling. So I decided to stay in hostel and only walk to nearby places.

IMG_3723After breakfast, guess where I went? You’re right, my favorite place. I guess made some strong emotional bond with that place. The fact that there was no one there, it was quite but still the sound of sea striking against stones was so comforting. I slept there on ground for some time. Woke up and decided to go back to hostel.

I met Hatim in hostel again and we decided to walk to nearby places. He wanted to buy t-shirt. We went to several shops but couldn’t find anything good. Later, we walked around the harbour. By this time, we were tired and hungry. Hatim said he wanted to eat a lot of food which reminded me of Pakistani place that I saw with Simon day before yesterday.

Pakistani Food - As usual, big portions
Pakistani Food – As usual, big portions

We went there and it was opened. We ordered the food and it was in good quantity and quality.

After eating so much, we decided to go back to hostel. My foot was hurting so much by then that I was worried. We went back to hostel and I decided to stay again in lobby. Later Emily came back and we hangout in lobby.

Hatim also came in later and she also invited Marissa, a girl who just checked in to his dorm. We decided to go out again. We went to Harpa, the building at docks and I show it from inside to both Hatim and Marissa. We walked here and there in city and got super hungry again.

Emily has suggested a place and we wanted to try it so we went there. But it turned out to be a super expensive place and we decided not to eat there. Now comes the question where to go. We started looking for another Indian/Pakistani food and ended up at an Indian place. Again, we ordered a lot of food that comes in big portions. Here are a pictures of us and food.


Later, we walked around the city here and there again and ended up getting awesine ice-cream from  a shop in city center. By this time, it started to get dark already and we decided to walk to hostel so we can grab camera and stuff. We were told by the receptionist that today solar activity is high and there are higher chances of seeing Aurora.

When went outside and started walking next to coast and light started to appear there. They were really vivid and intense. All of us were so excited and happy to see them dancing all over us, some of the pictures we took

I took them to a near by place which blocks street lights from eyes so we can watch the lights better. We took more pictures there.


After spending quite sometime outside, we decided to go back to hostel as me and Hatim had an early morning flight to catch. We were so happy and energized to see the lights that on the way back, we could help but laughing and dancing. One video of our dance recorded with Marissa’s phone and selfie stick


We reached hostel and I packed everything and came back again in lounge with my bag. Hatim also did the same. We chatted with Emily and Marissa and later they left to sleep. Our bus was supposed to arrive at 2 AM in morning so I napped on the couch in lounge while Hatim talked to receptionist. Later our bus came and we went to airport.

From there, it’s the usual waiting at airport and getting into plane. I went to Iceland to find some peace and I managed to get a small amount of it together with small share of happiness. What I didn’t know at that time that things will change completely in this very month. But more about that later in upcoming travelogues. Here are some pictures of Iceland and Netherlands from plane

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