The Walk

I was supposed to sleep longer after having done a lot of things yesterday but as it seems that sleep no longer likes me. I woke earlier than anyone in dorm, got ready and went out for shower and then later for breakfast downstairs.

I filled my plate with some stuff and sat next to a guy Simon I had very brief chat last evening in Kitchen. We started talking about travel and other things and we decided to go on to the walk in the morning together. He wanted to visit the Reykjavik Botanical Garden and I suggested we walk through the beach.  I took him to my favorite spot.

On our way to my favorite place
On our way to my favorite place
Where I was listening to Confluence

Later at lighthouse, we decided to sit down and get some sunshine. Although it was 2 degree but it felt really good in sunshine. We sat there and I felt like that was the moment for my favorite song “Confluence” by Manual. I asked Simon if he mind if I put on headphones and he said no.

I put on my headphones and listen to my favorite track. It’s a piece of timeless ambient music that I’ve listen to several beautiful occasions like sunrises, sunsets and star-gazing and on top of mountains. I always hoped that someday I’ll get to share this music who is as crazy as me, but I think the beauty of this song is that I’ve heard it alone and deep down I knew every time that I won’t get to share it with anyone.

Only picture I took in Garden

Later, we took a walk toward the Gardens and after another 45 minutes of walk, we reached the garden. It was good but nothing extra ordinary as it isn’t spring yet in Iceland.

After spending sometime there, we decided to walk back towards downtown as both of us were super hungry. Another 45 minutes of walk and we were at bay of Reykjavik. We started looking for good options to eat and ended up spending more than 45 minutes and still couldn’t find anything. We decided to go to Noodle Station again as we were completely out of energy at this point. We ordered Noodles with chicken, it tasted awesome as we were super hungry.

Later, we decided to visit this unique building called Harpa. Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre located by the old harbor between Reykjavík city center and the North Atlantic, the new Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, stands out as a unique landmark in continuous interplay with its surroundings. The design was influenced by Iceland‘s exceptional and dramatic nature. Situated on the boundary between land and sea, the building is a gleaming sculpture reflecting both sky and harbor, as well as the vibrant life of the city. The entrance is free and you can even spend time in there without any charges. Some pictures I took there


Later, we decided to take a walk to Tjörnin which is a prominent small lake in central Reykjavík, It is situated in the city centre next to the Reykjavik City Hall and several museums. We sat down there and enjoyed the view


Simon suggested to visit a nearby cemetery and I decided to go there. On the way, we decided to visit a small museum next to lake. It had big map of whole country and information about it. Later, we entered cemetery and took some pictures


Spaceship like Chruch

At this point, we were so exhausted that our legs couldn’t take it anymore so we decided to walk back to hostel. On the way to Hostel, I came across the street that gives an awesome view of Church Hallgrímskirkja and it looked like a space ship.

I went there and Emily was again in lounge. She introduced me to Hatim, a guy from Egypt and Chelsea, a girl from Australia. They two were planning to rent a car tomorrow, so me and Emily decided to join them.

Hatim and me were hungry so we decided to grab dinner together. See that’s how it works, you just met someone and now you’re like best pals. I decided to go to the place called “Gamla” that was suggested by guy in hostel. Now I knew where it was located. We went there and I ordered whale steak. I expected something unique but it tasted like lamb mixed with Tuna.


After dinner, we were walking back to hostel but we saw that sun was setting and we decided to see it from harbor. We walked there, talking about different things and witnessed something that can’t be described in words. See for yourself,

Sunset at Reykjavik harbor
Sunset at Reykjavik harbor


After watching the sunset, we walked back to hostel and it turned out that Chelsea was having problem with car rent which put our plan into a hanging position.

I was planning to walk somewhere dark with in city to see the Northern lights again and asked Emily, Hatim and Chelsea if anyone wanna join. Only Hatim said yes and we started walking towards the light house again.

When we were close to hostel, we could see lights but as we moved further, it got cloudy and by the time we reach light house it was fully cloudy, we decided to walk back towards hostel. It was very awful walk as it got really cold but we managed to reach hostel. I spent sometime in Kitchen as I wasn’t feeling sleepy but later decided to go to dorm. I again managed to sleep for a couple of hours tonight.

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