Autumn Struck Walk, The Good Romanian, Awesome Pizza, A Mighty Fight & The Night We Got Lucky

I woke up at 10:00 today. The weather was really fine today compare to yesterday. I felt completely out of energy as I didn’t ate much yesterday. Took shower and booked the same tour online again online. Prepared my bag and left for the bus station. I wasn’t sure what I am going to eat.

Autumn Struck Walk

When I went out, I decided to walk to Kaldfjord. A place that was recommended by my host. It’s 45 minutes walk from place where I was staying. It was very refreshing outside and it wasn’t raining. I walked the same road that I walked the first night. It looked completely different. The whole town was in Autumn mode. It was beautiful, orange leaves lying around everywhere and trees were also red. I walked slowly looking around taking several pictures,

I reached Kaldfjord after sometime stood for 15 minutes next to sea. I put on my favorite song “Confluence” by “Manual”. Manual is the performing name of electronic musician, Jonas Munk, from Odense, Denmark. It’s an ambient song and it always have helped me when I felt alone during my travels. I’ve heard this song watching sunsets and sunrises, on top mountains, next to lakes. But this time, all of a sudden it dawned to me that those songs by Manual, they were not for sunsets and sunrises, those were the songs for this fall and isolation. A few pictures I took there


After a few minutes, I decided to walk back to bus station and on the way back, I saw someone who I haven’t seen in days. Yes, it was Sun, well a glimpse of it. Not even glimpse, some rays of light trying to make their way out of cloud.


The Good Romanian

I reached the bus stop and waited there for 5 minutes before bus arrived. Got into the bus and bought ticket. I felt a friendly vibe around the bus driver so I decided to talk to him. He turned out to be a law student from Romania who moved to Tromso 2 years ago. I asked him how he felt in the cold weather of Tromso and what he said verified my thoughts. He said the biggest problem was cold people, not the cold weather. It’s hard to be friends with them. And we both agree that we can’t blame the people for that, the weather over there is a nightmare. Imagine not having sunlight for 3 months, I can’t even imagine how they survive winters at all. We talked about several things while he drove the bus for 30 minutes. At Tromso city center, I shook hands with him and wished him luck.

Awesome Pizza

Now I started the hunt of food, I was pretty much out of energy and didn’t had much time, just like a polar beer :D. Walking around the city center, it felt like I am in a ghost town. Shops closes, not too many people around. Finally, I found a Pizza place and I decided to go in. I ordered Chicken Chili Pizza, Coca Cola and Coffee. Good lord, that was awesome. May be I was eating after a long time but it felt so good. I overheard a British couple talking about time travel and I started taking to them. It was a brief discussion and everyone gave their view about what they think about the topic or how is it possible hypothetically.

After spending an hour there, I still had 4 hours to kill. I decided to take a walk away from city center.  I wandered here and there, sometimes I would come across something interesting and I’d stop to take pictures.


A Mighty Fight

After 45 minutes or so, I ended up at docks. At this time, I could see clouds opening up and rays of sunlight trying to make their way out of clouds. There was no around so I sat at a rock and watched this fight. Sometimes, sun would show up with it’s full strength and sometimes cloud would make it go dim.


I spent 2 hours there sitting by myself watching this fight. Finally, sun started to go down and it was again amazing view. Mountains with snow on their peak and Sun setting behind them. It was brilliant! Another beautiful sunset that I saw alone. Just like always, it didn’t felt right, but it felt good. Here is a 13 minutes video I made at docks and the background music is Confluence. The music from Danish musician I keep talking about,

I realize that it was getting really cold and I decided to go to another coffee shop. I went to the same place where I went yesterday. Ordered coffee, put on my headphones and relaxed. I spent an hour there and when it was almost 6, I decided to leave and go to tourist center.

I was picked by van at 18:25. Today there was a new guide and there were many people. The British couple from the Pizza was also part of group. I was sitting next to a Argentinean couple Juan and Stella. They were awesome and friendly from the second they entered the van. I talked to them all the way.

The Night We Got Lucky

We stopped at one place, lights were visible there for a few minutes. I helped Juan and Stella with camera settings but couldn’t figure out how to increase shutter speed because menu was in Spanish.

A glimpse of Aurora
A glimpse of Aurora

When Stella was not around, Juan told me that he is planning to propose Stella when lights are visible. He asked me if I can take a picture of them when he does that. I was like, dude, you can count on me.

We decided to drive further and ended up at the same place where we were yesterday. We had hot chocolate there and sat and waited for the lights to appear.

After some wait, they started to make their way out of clouds. They appeared as a green light on sky. But when clouds went away, it was a complete different experience. Imagine a massive thin green curtain hanging from some unseen hook on sky and swirls. It was like a dance. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. In fact, when I am writing this, I feel like I’ve failed to describe the experience I had.

Thousands of stars on sky, complete darkness, complete silence and a green light appearing on sky. Nah, I can’t describe. I felt connected to the moment. I’ll show you some pictures that I took

Aurora Borealis
The best picture of Aurora I managed to take


We asked tour guide that if they’re gonna appear again because Juan wanted to propose Stella at the right moment. Guide said that probably yes. And guess what, they did. Juan asked Stella to marry her, and she said YES!

Juan and Stella - She said YES!
Juan and Stella – She said YES!

That’s the story of how we got lucky. I finally saw the Aurora in her full glory and Juan & Stella decided to spend their lives together . We got into the Van again, on the way back, I didn’t chat as much with them as they had things to talk about between them :). After hours of drive, we reached Tromso and everyone got off the van and I again congratulate the couple and hugged and kissed them goodbye. I had to take the cab from Tromso to Kvaloya and I was at my place in 20 minutes.

Final Words

We have a story in Pakistan, it is told to children to tell them the value of politeness and humbleness. It goes like this,

Once a man was walking alone in a forest. He had his coat & scarf on. Sun & Wind were talking to each other and wind was bragging how powerful she is and things she can do. Sun was hearing her brag silently and trying to teach her politeness from time to time. Then wind suggested a bet. She said let’s see who can make this man take off his scarf.

It was wind’s turn first. She started to blow like crazy. The faster and harder she went, it made the man wrap the scarf tightly around his neck and head. After 5 minutes, wind gave up.

Now it was Sun’s turn. He came out behind the clouds and started to spread the sunlight gently. The man felt warmth and to enjoy the sunshine, he took off his scarf hence making the Sun win the bet!
A story from my childhood

I relived the moment in real life. The Sun in my story are the people who are kind and humble and wind are the people who are cold.

If you’re one of those people who smiles at stranger, talk to them and share your happiness with them, knowing that you might never meet again, you are awesome! Nothing is wrong with you! Without knowing, you are making someone’s day, that someone probably will remember you for rest of their life.

You are mightier than any highest mountain, you’re gentle than sun, you’re brighter than any stars, you are more majestic than Aurora, you are the reason this lonely planet called Earth is different from any other cosmic bodies out there in an infinite universe.

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