Short Travels

I’ve got a extreme case of wanderlust. In order to be happy, I have to go somewhere from time to time. Here is a list of some of my small travels in search of love, sun, friends, food, passion or dream!

Iceland – Looking for peace

For the last couple months, my journeys were limited to Bulgaria for personal reasons. Switching between jobs, I knew I’ll have some time to kill in April, so I started to look for cheap flights to places where I can find dark skies and mountains. Iceland was on my list for quite sometime and I managed to find really cheap flight to Iceland from Amsterdam. Luckily, I found the tickets from 8th April to 13th and the first 2 dates were almost moonless nights.

Tenerife: A journey to sunshine, mountains and stars

As usual, weather of Amsterdam was crap. No sunshine, rain and constant grey weather. I also had a new failure in my plate last month and I felt shit. I was checking for cheap flights to Tenerife for almost the whole month but they were expensive. On 21st December, I woke up and I knew today is the day I’ll get the tickets. I checked and the price was very reasonable so I got them immediately.

In search of Aurora

I read that they are visible in Norway and Sweden. From time to time, I’d stumble upon pictures and videos of Northern lights on internet and would watch them with interest. From Pakistan to Norway, it was a long distance and it was almost impossible to see them live. Here is my story of my search of Northern Lights.


A trip to Istanbul

That was a legendary trip. I didn’t visit Istanbul, I experienced it. I went there with my friends and that’s what made this trip so awesome. Food, warmth, wedding and a lot more. It felt like home.

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