Tenerife: A journey to sunshine, mountains and stars

Do I have to tell you I felt depressed? I guess no, if you’ve read my blog or know me personally, I don’t have to tell you why I decided to travel again.

As usual, weather of Amsterdam was crap. No sunshine, rain and constant grey weather. I also had a new failure in my plate last month and I felt shit. I was checking for cheap flights to Tenerife for almost the whole month but they were expensive. On 21st December, I woke up and I knew today is the day I’ll get the tickets. I checked and the price was very reasonable so I got them immediately.

A friend of mine, Jaime, who works with me is from Tenerife. He was going there for holidays himself and I had told him plans. When I told him that I’ve got tickets, he offered me to stay with him at his place. I said hell yeah!

So why Tenerife? Several reasons!

  • Sunshine
  • Mountains
  • Nice Food
  • Friendly People

Do you need any more reasons? I don’t. That’s why Tenerife. Following is my travelogue of a memorable journey.

  1. Arrival, Nachos and 1906
  2. A hike to Parque Rural Anaga and Tapas
  3. West, North, Capital, Sunset and the Ignition
  4. Mount El Teide: The night I found the one
  5. A small hike, run and lots of food
  6. The farewell

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