Arrival, Nachos and 1906

Coming back from work on eve of Christmas the 24th, I felt sick. My colleagues insisted to leave early as they wanted to be home so they can spend time with their families but I had no reason to go home early. I wanted to leave as late as possible but I ended up the first person to leave office.

12357366_434896836700711_1980325327_nJust like any other big event (birthday, new year), I decided to sleep. I crashed on my couch. Slept a bit, made myself dinner and then decided to pack my bag.

After that, I felt asleep late night. Woke up next morning, made myself good breakfast and got into train to Schiphol. The usual check-in stuff, after two and a half hour earlier at waiting lounge. It was empty.


Empty lounge at airport
Empty lounge at airport

I spent sometime walking here and there and then people start to come in, 20 minutes before flight, the whole lounge was full. I didn’t felt like talking to anyone so I put on my headphones and listened music. Very unlikely of me 🙂

Flight took off at 15:30 and I spent next four and half hour with music and eating chips. The plane was full of Dutch people who were going on holidays with their families. I was still very down from yesterday, so I chose to stay silent Towards the end of flight, I had a massive headache. Finally plane landed at 19:00 local time. I left Jaime a message that I just landed. I came out of airport and he was there with his car and friend waiting for me. We got into car and he drove me to his house where I was supposed to stay with him. On the way, he told me that there was massive amount of sand came from Africa this evening that made the weather very hazy.

1906 and Nachos

He lives in an apartment next to beach, how cool is that? He lives on 2nd floor while his family live on 4th. I dropped my bag, got fresh, put on my Tshirt and shorts. Then we went up to meet his parents. Do I have to tell you how awesome they were? I also met Jaime’s sister’s boyfriend David.

Jaime and his friend Yu Yu had big lunch so they were not hungry, I wasn’t too hungry either so we decided to go to bar which happened downstairs. Me, Jaime, Yu-yu and David went downstairs to have beers. We ordered a beer called 1906. I also ordered Nachos. Both were great.

We sat there for quite sometime and Jaime’s friends from neighborhood started to join. We had to wake up early for a hike tomorrow, so we decided to call it a day around midnight and we all went up and slept.

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