The Farewell

So today was the day I go back to Amsterdam. I woke up early. Jaime and Yuyu were planning to visit Teide National Park today, so they had to leave early. I said bye to them and went in shower to get ready. Packed my stuff and went upstairs to meet Jaime’s parents. It was only Jaime’s mom, so I had good-bye hug with her.

Then me and David came out to get breakfast, we went to a nearby cafe and I ordered orange juice, coffee and toast. It was awesome. Then David and me walked to Taxi and I had goodbye hug with David and then went to airport. Rest, you know how it goes.

Just like every time, when I landed in Amsterdam, I called Melih and Derya and they asked me to join for dinner. What would I do without those guys :). So I went there and shared my stories 🙂

Usually, I find goodbyes and farewell very hard. Leaving the area where you had fun is really hard. Also the people I meet, I make special bonding with them. But this time, I realized that’s how my life is, meeting people, laugh with them, make them laugh and move on. There is no point trying to find sense of belonging. The very matter in my body probably comes from stardust of far galaxy (no pun intended). That’s why I find it hard to maintain relationships with other people.

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