Day 12 – Plitvice Lakes, fog, rain, exhaustion and broken phone

I wasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s exhaustion and I had a bus to catch at 8:30. I woke up at 7:00, took shower, picked my bag and went to bus station. I was there on time, had a big coffee and got into bus when it came.

QhEXlBeThere was a Belgian couple sitting next to me. Had a bit of chit-chat with them. Then I put on my music and heard ambient music to relax. I could see the landscape changing as we moved forward. Nonetheless, it was good. After 2.5 hours of drive, we reached the place. At one point during drive, it was so foggy that nothing was visible.

When we got off the bus, I knew it’s going to be exhausting. It was rainy and there were so many people around. I got the ticket, dropped my bag at luggage area, grabbed the cheese roll and went in the park. Hundreds of people, people who think it’s ok to throw trash in a National park, people who speak loud and block the way, people who don’t respect nature.

I met several people on the way and had small talks. I first went to big waterfall.


I did several timelapses, some inside water and some outside. I walked for 30 minutes and came across the caves. Encouraged an old lady to go up there. People looked at the caves from outside. I took out my headlamp and jumped into cave. It was 30 feet deep or so. From time to time, people would come in may be due to light from my headlamp, see me standing there and leave immediately.


I walked for another 30 minutes and I was standing next to this mystical lake with fog and saw someone coming towards, he was Felix! What are the chances? We were so happy to see each other, we hugged and I tagged along with him. He was with a group from hostel. We got into the boat to go the other side. I talked a couple from New Zealand about travel. This lake had so much moist and fog that it made it looked like dreamy.


We got off on the other side and walked, talked and took pictures. After sometime, I walked with guide of group and we had discussion about his life as guide and how happy he was to quite his office job and be out there in nature. After an hour or so, we reach highest point of park.


After spending sometime there, I said goodbye to guide and Felix, I told Felix that now I am sure we’ll meet again soon. I got into the bus that takes you to a different entrance where I have dropped my bag. On the way back, I came across a point from where the view of lake and small streams/waterfalls was awesome!


At this point, I was soaking wet, cold and completely exhausted. I just wanted to take shower, drink coffee and sleep. But I knew I was far far from it. Anyway, I got my luggage, went to restaurant, had coffee and cheese burger and waited for bus to Zagreb. After some wait, bus came and it got in. Now I realized that I got too much moisture in my phone and it’s not charging and after battery was drained, it was dead. I was sick worried.

It was 19:30 when I reached Zagreb and then I got ticket for Ljubljana and the bus was supposed to leave at 20:30, again I got lucky in terms of bus timings. So I had an hour to figure out my phone situation. I walked around station and asked people about nearby mobile repair shop, but no luck. I went to super market and bought Tuna sandwich and ate that.

Got into bus when it arrived, had chat with Canadian guy for sometime and then slept and reached Ljubljana at 11:30. Hostel was 20 minutes of walk from station and I didn’t had energy to stand so I took cab and it dropped me there for 7 euros. I checked in the room, dropped my bag and had a bit of chat with a Czech girl in kitchen. Then I dropped dead on my bunk bed, tired and worried about my photos in my phone.

If you go to places where there is nature, please respect that. No one loves you more than the nature do. Those trees, waterfalls, mountains and hills, they bring joy to your life if you sit silently with them instead of jumping like monkeys, shouting and taking selfies!

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