Confident, Warm, Dry, Happy and Loved

Last night was so brilliant that even after sleeping so late, I woke up at 10:00 AM in the morning fresh. Packed my bag, cleaned the room and checked out. I knew the bus time. So I was at bus stop 5 minutes before. Weather outside was dry and it was not raining at all. A few pictures I took on the way,


When bus arrived, I got in and asked driver if he could let me know when the bus stop was there and he said second stop after bridge with a very grumpy face. I sat in the bus and waited for the second stop after bridge. I suspected the first stop after bridge was airport but driver didn’t gave any signal whatsoever. I got off at the second stop and I knew it was wrong stop. I asked a girl and she told me that I have to walk back. So I walked back a kilometer cursing bus driver.

A picture that I took from plane before flying

After 15 minutes, I was in airport. I got the coffee and a shitty burger from cafe at airport. I couldn’t finish half of it so I threw it in dust bin and went upstairs to check in. After checking in, I ran into the Australian duo from the night before again. We started to talk again, and they told me that they were also going to Amsterdam as their next stop. I talked to them about last night for long time. Then a girl sat next to me, I started conversation with her, she was from south of Norway. We talked about music from Norway. Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes because of bad and foggy weather at Tromso.

View before landing at Amsterdam

I sat next to a Japanese guy, we didn’t talked at all. Plane flew for almost two hours and I slept most of the time. When we landed on airport, I had 14 minutes before my connection flight flies. I walked as fast I could and made it into the plane as last passenger. Plane was airborne after 6 minutes of me getting in. Plane flew for another one and half hour or so and I landed at Amsterdam airport.

First thing I did was to call Melih and asked them if they wanted to hangout. They asked me to join them for dinner at their place. It’s been a while since I had proper cooked warm food and company of warm people so I said hell yeah. I got into train and then ferry to North (North of Amsterdam). I had an awesome dinner with Melih and Derya, and I told them all the stories. Guys, you are awesome and I love you, I don’t know what I would do without you in Amsterdam 🙂

My last day in Tromso was exact opposite of my first day. This hunt of Aurora and then finally seeing it gave me a huge boost. Reminded me again how good I am at making my dreams come true. Sharing dinner, stories and laughter with Melih and Derya gave me warmth and happiness. I felt loved, loved by humbleness and beauty of nature.

I realized that I may wander alone in countries, but with so much love for nature in my heart who also loves me back and reward me with her beautiful views, I will never be lonely.

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