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Welcome to My name is Abdullah Ibrahim but I go with the nick Abby during traveling as it’s short, easy to remember and avoid prejudice!

I am a programmer, long distance runner and lone wolf! I am in love with traveling, nature, mountains, taking photos and making videos. This website features some of my travels guides, photos, videos, travel diaries and thoughts.

Traveling is something I liked for a long time. After moving to Amsterdam, I wanted to travel but couldn’t find a travel buddy and I was reluctant in traveling alone. Back in April 2015, I did a solo trip and that changed my views about traveling solo.

Whichever place I go, I try to maintain a travelogue where I mention about the places I went to, people I met, food and drinks I tried and emotions I felt.

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Travel Tips & Tricks

12357366_434896836700711_1980325327_nI’ve traveled quite a lot during the last two years which gave me a bit of knowledge about few topics around traveling.

I learned a few tricks about how to travel light, cheap and safe. I also learned how to react and survive in certain situations.

Some of the tips can be found in this section.


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Hiking Guides

923666_1683134128597623_1027430297_nI always had big love for nature and after moving to Europe,  I found opportunities to hike mountains, lakes, forests and other places where I could find beautiful nature.

I am often asked how I find those places and how I plan the trips. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and also some guides to hike those places where I’ve hiked already.

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